Seeing The World Solo

Seeing The World Solo

Solo Travel...

One of the biggest and bravest moves I made in my travelling history was in 2013, when I graduated from university. I knew I wanted to travel and several people said they wanted to come with me, after months of friends failing to go through with plans I decided I would do it - alone!!! 

I was 21 years old and I planned a big trip, the "trip of a lifetime" as lots of people called it. 


I started my trip by flying in to Singapore where I spoilt myself and stayed in the amazing Marina Bay Sands Hotel with the iconic sky high infinity pool. If you ever get the chance you HAVE to stay here, honestly you won't regret it! 


From here I flew to Brisbane where I started my first ever "backpacking" trip - I had stayed in maybe one hostel before in my life and wasn't prepared for the lack of privacy and communal living. I also wasn't prepared for how friendly and familiar people became and I haven't looked back since... 

Apart from obviously being the cheaper option, hostels give you access to so many more things; new friends, the ability to cook away from home (something I miss when travelling), being independent but at the same time being super sociable. Whether you choose to meet people in your dorm and nobody else then that's fine or you could join in walking tours, pub crawls and meet lots of people!! 


On that particular trip I went on to travel Australia alone for 3 months, New Zealand for 6 weeks, I did a volunteering project in Fiji for 4 weeks then got my PADI Open Water Diver Qualification before jetting off to America (I even popped over to Mexico for the day!) and then to Canada. A total of nine months going solo!!! 


Since then I have continued to travel both alone, with family and friends and joining a tour on my own! 


... And the verdict? Personally I think a certain type of travel is best done alone. Meeting people, leaving comfort zones, throwing yourself in at the deep end, making life long friends and doing what you want to do when you want to do it. No rules, nobody to make decisions with!

If you're thinking about travelling solo - my only advice is DO IT!!!!!

First Stop: San Jose, Costa Rica

First Stop: San Jose, Costa Rica

Ljubljana & Tranquil Lakes

Ljubljana & Tranquil Lakes